San Francisco de La Montaña

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Veraguas is the only province in Panama that is bordered by 2 oceans, has a bustling and constantly developing city, abundant nature and wildlife, is a surfer,
fisherman and diver´s paradise and offers charming hidden surprises like the town of San Francisco de la Montaña.
Founded in 1621, San Francisco de la Montaña is a quaint little town located just 10 miles from the modern city of Santiago, characterized by colonial architecture
from the XVI and XVII century and is surrounded by creeks and waterfalls.
San Francisco de la Montaña is home to one of the oldest churches on the American continent dating back to 1727. Its simple façade contrasts with its complex
polychrome Baroque hand carved altars depicting bible passages. It is very impressive and worth detouring a few minutes from your route. It is also nice to sit in the
main park and observe this unique town lost in time.
Important holidays: Carnivals and Easter
Interesting fact: In 1985, telephone services were installed in private homes for the first time.

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